Our customers

Our passion has always been automation. Our parent company 3Button Group has been delivering robot solutions to customers in most industries for many years now. We are introducing AGV:s into our solutions portfolio using all our previous experience and our own high standards. Our aim is always to create more efficient and safer automated production processes and better flow.



Our customers have already come a long way when it comes to automation. Regardless of the kind of production— such as injection molding in the plastics industry, handling of CNC machinery in the engineering industry or the packaging of food products – robots and automation get the job done.

The natural next step is to automate the whole flow of materials from production all the way to the loading dock. That’s where we are right now. We can tie it all together with minute precision, giving you total control over every part of the process.

Our Production Butler is always on time and ready to move goods with precision and safety. It ties together the flow of information, ensures correct labeling of pallets and reports back to the business and storage system.


During all our years in the business we have always tried to learn more than what’s necessary for each assignment. Our goal is to come up with solutions that exceed expectations, and right now we are convinced that AGV:s are the next step in most automated production processes. AGV:s can really tie the details together and significantly enhance production flow. Automation without AGV:s is a thing of the past.

We’d be happy to help you tie things together and make automation even more efficient in your own production with the help of AGV:s. If there´s a need for more automation in the process, we can help you fix that, too. A holistic world view is not just about food, exercise and meditation, it’s also about creating unity in production processes. And that’s something we love!