Front AGV is a part of 3ButtonGroup. The other companies in the group are Front Automation, Fröjd Automation and IML Technologies. These companies have different speciality areas, but they work closely to develop new solutions, buy materials and supply skills. Pooling our resources allows us to evenly distribute the workload and take advantage of each company’s special talents.

We are 45 employees and our joint turnover is a just over 130 million Swedich crowns.

The name 3Button Group originates from our vision of building automation systems so easy to handle that they would only need three buttons: start, stop and reset. The phrase “The intelligence between start to stop” indicates that there is a great deal of understanding, brainpower and ambition that leads to the development of such a system – a system that is easy to use, can be manually operated in an intuitive way, and is open to fine-tuning for optimal flow in the whole production process.



Sweden has a strong position on the world market for automated trucks. Many AGV suppliers can be found close to the city of Gothenburg. In the Mecca of self-driving trucks – Mölndal – you will also find Front AGV in a newly-built workshop, A couple of hundred meters from us is Kollmorgen, our partner in navigation systems.

Front AGV in Mölndal is part of the entrepreneurial automation group 3BUTTON GROUP. The other companies in the group are Front Automation AB, Fröjd Automation AB and IML Technologies AB.

All four companies cooperate closely with each other and share the same management. Cooperating means sharing both resources and each company’s cutting-edge knowledge.

The joint turnover is just over 130 million Swedish crowns. There are 45 employees in the workforce.

Front Automation specializes in automated picking, packing and palletting. We deliver everything from uncomplicated palletting cells to complete packing solutions, mainly to the consumer goods sector and the food industry.

Fröjd Automation delivers automation for machine feeding and assembly, mainly to the car industry and other demanding industries.

IML technologies builds complete robot systems for the loading and unloading of injection molding, mainly for producers of packaging, cans and lids for the food industry.

Front AGV delivers complete solutions with self-driving vehicles (AGVs and AMRs) with a special focus on production and connections to automation.

There is a strong synergy between all four companies, creating opportunities for cooperation that benefit us and our customers.